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Unprecedented global economic shifts, changing consumer demands, an increasing focus on environmental impact and new technological disruptions are creating real opportunities and challenges for business across the food value chain.

Consumers are demanding ever more choice, transparency and sustainability.

Major investments in the last few years have brought new technologies to market, and the next two years will see even more rapid advancements. Food companies are innovating with new product lines tailored to the increasingly health and planet aware consumer who’s seeking more choice and information on the nutritional value and origin of the groceries they’re buying.



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HalaalZone.com is geared to be a global online trade portal, by providing Halaal suppliers the exposure, online tools and services to help them expand into new markets and connect to a multitude of buyers around the globe.

Why Choose Halaal?

The market for halaal businesses is enormous and growing. According to recent estimates, the size of halaal food and beverages alone is placed at US$1,3 trillion


What is Halaal?

You may already be familiar with some of the more well-known requirements, but you may be surprised at the extent of some regulations aswell as learning the benefits to a persons health.

Learn the Requirements >


Innovation in the Halaal industry

Innovation is the key to the sustainable growth of businesses. Businesses that fail to innovate are more likely to fail or hit the wall or even worse, hit the bottom. Innovation is needed to be competitive in the ever challenging [...]

Life is Sacred

Islam places great emphasis in the way in which an animal’s life ends, which has to be in accordance with Islamic regulations. Life is a sacred blessing of God to creation, animals as well as humans. If the life of [...]

The rise and rise of ‘Halaal’ Business

When Kerim Ture placed his first order for a batch of long-sleeved tunics that could be worn by Muslim women, the manufacturers producing them demanded payment upfront, apparently convinced the venture would fail and Ture would be left unable to [...]


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    Halaal Zone is not a Halaal Certifying Body we would like to make a request that we as individuals should always remember to double check in-store certification and expiry dates noted on certificates. If any individual notices anything that causes doubt and/or gains knowledge regarding the Halaal status of any establishment in our database, we urge you please contact us with the relevant information on alerts@halaalzone.co.za


    Certification and infrastructure are essential to cater to Muslim-targeting businesses. Certification plays an important role in ensuring compliance to Islamic law and in assuring consumers of the reliability of halal products. The enforcement of Islamic jurisprudence providing businesses with clear guidelines and support greatly eases the process of halal certification. Stable infrastructure and standardised certifying processes also boost the country’s recognition and reliability in the global halal network.
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