Get access to hundreds of Verified suppliers

Quick search and advanced search through verified suppliers with smart filters to find credible empowered suppliers within seconds.

Advertise procurement opportunities at no cost – Daily quotation alerts matching to your company requirements sent to credible and empowered suppliers linking preferred categories, regions and keywords.

Buyer can share the supplier information to their peers easily via the share function to instant messaging

Saves you hours of your own supplier research time while using the procurement tools to reduce your procurement costs

Buyer Identity Verification & KYC

The verification process is simple and can be completed within the Buyer Dashboard. Our customer service team will check and verify the submitted documents and proceed to process the approval of the verified buyer badge for the respective buyer within 72 hours of application submission.

This verification process will be conducted every year during verified buyer membership subscription renewal. The purpose of annual verification the buyer is too ascertain that their verified information is up to date and contemporary accurate.

Introducing the Buyer Dashboard

Buyers can easily manage their membership profile, complete verification process, manage trade inquiry, sample orders and post rating and review regarding a supplier’s product or services.