Halâl Processing Method and International Market Value

In the past 20 years, the halâl food market has exploded. There are currently hundreds of thousands of products on supermarket shelves that are certified halâl.

For Muslims, eating halâl is a crucial part of a meaningful way of life that’s more than 2000 years old. However, Muslim consumers aren’t the only ones who scan the supermarket shelves looking for halâl products. Others seek out such highly reliable halâl symbols for an extra level of supervision. Millions of consumers depend on Halâl certification to help safeguard the integrity and high standards of Halâl food they eat.

We are showing you how Halâl process is conducted in the world’s largest Halâl meat exporter to the world.

“Cibal Halal” – (Brazilian Islamic Center for Halâl) is a Brazilian Halâl Certifying body.

In this video…

  • Formation of Halâl Certifying Body
  • How Cibal Halâl monitors the manufacturing the process.
  • How Cbial Halâl ensures the high quality of Hygienic food.
  • How Cibal Halâl contributes to International market. (Brazil is the Largest Halâl meat exporter to the Islamic world i.e. 1.8 billion consumers and it’s projected the market will be expanding on 2025 to be 3 billion)
  • Halâl Slaughtering Method and Procedures.
  • Halâl Certification Benefits.

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